Gruppenfoto new album coming 2016


Melodic Death Metal made in Germany 

new album 2016


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Contaminant mit Magnol Customs.

Since the album is almost finished, we’re already working on our live tones for the upcoming shows!
This current setup seems to work out just perfectly.
If we stick to it, you’ll see more of it soon …

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Contaminant mit Justice Metal und 3 weiteren Personen.

The mastering for our new album is finally done…
Here you can see Michi from Justice doing the last fine-tuning.

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Contaminant was founded in 2006 by the guitarist and vocalist “Andy White”. At the beginning the project was called „Avengers of Death“.

They developed a new melodic death metal style which was darker and more powerful, especially with symphonic and electronic elements which characterize their unique art today.

2007 they produced the demo tape “Crusade to Hell”.

The Year 2008 proved to be a turning point when the artists changed the name of the group into “Contaminant” and the new vocalist „Fabi Grey“ has been involved.

At the end of the year 2008 they produced the self-released and LP album “Masquerade”.

In 2011 there was a new beginning when „Andy White“ set a new membership into Contaminant. Immediately a new concept and new songs were born which was the step for a demo production and prework to a new album at Aexxys-Art Studio by “Stephan Fimmers” (Necrophagist).

In April 2012 the bass guitar player „Markus Corone“ and the drummer „Paul Tremor“ joined Contaminant. In summer 2015 the guitarist “Jonas Range” turned up.

During that period Contaminant performed at more than 50 concerts, e.g. at Metalcamp Slovenia 2009, Wackel Festival 2012, Storm Crusher Festival 2012, Rekwi Festival 2012.

Meanwhile Contaminant is working on the new album.

Contaminant has been existing since 2006 and celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

Hail to all freaks and stay contaminated !!